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A Selection of Cosmetic Medical Treatments for a Better You

Even with all the care and protection, we give to our skin, it is still prone to aging and damage from the sun and environmental factors. Rejuvenating aged skin is not something that can be done as effectively using facial creams and treatments no matter how much you use. For the best results, laser treatment will, be necessary.

People who should visit a facial rejuvenation clinic include those who want to remove wrinkles, fine lines, scars from acne, injuries or surgery, and facial growths such as moles and warts. However, the list of treatable marks and blemishes on the skin extends to stretch marks, sun spots, and uneven pigmentations. The procedure can also be used to lighten or enhance complexion and skin tone. Laser treatment has also been used successfully to treat skin conditions such as Lichen Sclerosus and Sebaceous Hyperplasia.

The Fractionated CO2 DOT Laser can achieve all this non-invasively using nothing but thermal energy. It delivers this energy as intense microbeams of light that penetrate the skin. These lasers trigger a natural rebuilding of collagen in the target area. The heat from the treatment can be intense, but the process is fairly rapid.

Compared to the traditional laser treatment, CO2 DOT laser treatment is faster and more pleasant. It does however require more sessions for each treatment to work, but this is entirely dependent on how the patient’s skin responds.

The Fractionated CO2 DOT Laser has modifiable settings that can be tweaked to suit different skin types. This is why the treatment is a lot more effective on a wide range of skin types. The entire procedure can be tailor-made to suit the case of the patient being treated. Furthermore, modifications can be made as the session continues just to guarantee a positive outcome for the patient. It is a highly versatile facial rejuvenation treatment.

Before going through with the procedure, patients can apply some skin lightening cream (retinoic acid) as this can help with the treatment or best dark spot corrector. This is especially necessary for darker skin tones and sun-damaged skin. Since the procedure stimulates tissue growth, sores on your lip or nose can be treated with antivirals before and after the treatment. Numbing cream is applied 30 minutes to 1 hour before the treatment starts. Patients can also opt for additional analgesics to reduce the amount of discomfort they might feel.

Each session will take anywhere between 10 minutes and 1 hour to complete. During the procedure, cold packs and cool air is used to alleviate any discomfort. Afterwards, patients are advised to apply PRP treatment to the area as well as this will promote collagen production.

Following the treatment, patients are advised to avoid direct sunlight and take at least seven days of recovery before going back to work. Cold packs and other cooling treatments can help if the treated skin begins to sting or become red. A comprehensive post-treatment package guides patients towards what to do after the procedure.

Sexual arousal in men depends on more than just penile health. In fact, the physical wellbeing of the sexual organs only plays a partial role in promoting a healthy sex drive.

Sexual arousal hinges itself on a number of physical and mental aspects. These include hormones, the blood vessels, the nerves, mental and emotional health, and the brain. For this reason, any one of the aforementioned factors can impact on the quality of an individual’s sex drive. Problems in any of the areas can indeed result in low libido.

Research into erectile dysfunction has shown that this impotence sometimes stems from psychological as well as physical factors. The mental wellbeing of a man is important to his sex drive since sexual impulses originate from the brain. As a result, stress can have a massive impact on the libido an individual.

The list of possible causes of low libido does not end there, however. Conditions ranging from sleep and eating disorders and heart disease to spinal trauma and high blood pressure can all contribute to a lowered libido. Diabetics are also at risk of suffering from impotence, same as tobacco smokers and people with high cholesterol.

Peyronie’s disease (a condition where a scar tissue buildup causes the penis to have a curvature) can be another reason for a low sex drive. It is also a side effect of erectile dysfunction.

Degenerative brain conditions such as Parkinson’s and multiple sclerosis can also cause problems with libido. The brain is crucial in sexual arousal so even the smallest offsets can cause significant issues in the bedroom. Depression, anxiety, and stress are known enemies of the brain, and these too can cause a considerable amount of damage to any man’s sex drive.

Because a low libido can be a combination of physical and psychological factors, it can become a vicious circle. If for example, you are insecure about the size of your penis, of have problems maintaining a healthy erection, than this can cause stress. A natural response to stress is to try and avoid it, and so you end up trying to avoid sexually arousing situations, resulting in a low libido. The good news is that CALIBRE Clinics can help with non invasive treatments with proven results for both penile augmentation and erectile dysfunction.

Their treatment for penile augmentation, rather than being based on invasive surgery, is non invasive and uses dermal filler, injected just below the skin of the penis to in crease the girth. Platelet Rick Plasma (PRP) is used to treat erectile dysfunction. This involves the extraction of growth factors from your blood. These are then concentrated and re- injected resulting a natural healing process, repairing tissue damage a restoring a healthy erection.

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