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Are There Advantages to Choosing Vaping Over Smoking

Some believe the emergence of vaping could be the demise of cigarettes, it’s a healthier option and is fast becoming a lot more popular that traditional tobacco-based products like cigarettes and cigars. Electronic cigarettes don’t contain as many harmful chemicals as cigarettes, you can also purchase e liquid which contains …

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Benefits of IPL Treatments

The procedure known as IPL treatment for hair removal or an intense pulsed light treatment can be used on a patient to remove unwanted or excessive hair. Indeed, this particular medical technique can be applied to both women and men who can enjoy a number of long-term benefits from undergoing …

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Great Reasons Why Holistic Healing Is Best.

Modern medicine in Singapore, offers us many new drugs to combat illness and to cure diseases, and these are known as conventional methods, to address our health issues. However, people are now moving towards alternative methods of treating illness, and it is referred to as the holistic way. This kind …

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To Float or Not to Float?

float tank

Float tank therapy is gaining traction the world over as an effective means of treating anxiety and depression, relieving physical pressure and even helping people with PTSD. There are float tank centres in most cities and towns now, so you won’t have to travel far for a session if you …

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