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How to be an Italian Stallion with Winstrol

Most people will agree that losing weight is far more difficult compared to gaining it. There are even a lot of athletes and bodybuilders that can attest to the fact that they find it difficult to lose excess fats and calories as opposed to gaining it which is why most of them use certain steroids in their cutting cycles to help with the excess fat loss regimen.  

There are a lot of steroids which can be acquired, knowing which steroid works best for losing weight is the key. One good example is Stanozolol or more commonly known as Winstrol, it is a steroid that can be used for both bulking and cutting cycles although it is more effective when used for cutting. Even the Italians agree as well, if you ask them, they will say “Stanozolol è meglio utilizzato per il taglio” which translates to “Stanozolol is best for cutting”. See, the Italians know what’s up.

It works both ways

While this statement might be true to some extent, the gains provided by winstrol when used for bulking are far less significant compared to more potent steroids that can be used. The ones who add winstrol to their bulking cycles usually add it to an already existing stack and don’t really use it as a base or standalone steroid.

When used in a cutting cycle is where winstrol really shines. One of the most beneficial effects that it gives is that it doesn’t give the user water retention, which other steroids do, this is what makes winstrol very ideal to be used for cutting.

Both ways meaning for men and women too

There are only a few steroids which women consider to be useable, one of which is winstrol. Since it is a fairly mild anabolic steroid, the gains one can get from it is relatively small compared to others which makes it a perfect candidate for women who want a toned and cut look without looking like She-Hulk, the fact that it promotes weight loss and the risk of getting side effects from it is small, no wonder why women favour using it.

Cycles are important

Since the steroid can be used by both men and women, knowing how to use it in a cycle is quite important. Cycles for men and women vary a lot, the dosages are quite different. The recommended dosage for women are usually smaller compared to men so knowing the correct dosage for each cycle along with proper diet and exercise will get you the most benefits.

How it works

To simplify things, winstrol works by increasing the body’s development of red blood cells, these red blood cells then produce oxygen, oxygen which is needed by the muscles in order for them to function properly for long periods of time without getting fatigued. This means that when an individual takes winstrol, his or her stamina and endurance goes up which in turn lets them do more intense workouts without getting easily tired. Their recovery rates are greatly improved as well which makes it possible for them to get back doing the routines with the same intensity just after a short period of cooling down.

There are a lot of steroids available that have different purposes with regards to incorporating it in a cycle. Finding one that will be the most beneficial to that certain cycle is the key to getting the best results.

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