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Some Benefits of Pilates

There are many different kinds of physical therapy and physical fitness practices that can improve your life. The scientific research on the many benefits of exercise is pretty clear. Exercise helps people sleep better, sleep more restfully, and get to sleep faster. It helps people reduce their anxiety, improve their general lifestyle satisfaction, and live longer lives. Those who exercise regularly have less pain, lower mortality rates, and higher workplace productivity. Frequent exercise is about the closest thing to a miracle drug that is available. It helps human beings stay happy and healthy. So the only real decision is which kind of exercise is right for you.

Many people, especially women, choose Pilates as their preferred type of exercise.


Pilates is a type of exercise that was invented by a German physiologist named Joseph Pilates. He had studied many different types of meditation and stretching to develop his new style of exercise. Pilates called his method “contrology,” the study of control. Pilates focuses on the control of your body, your breathing, and your thinking. It is similar to yoga in that way, though Pilates claimed he never studied yoga. Though the emphasis remains on the control of yourself and your body, the practice has come to be known as Pilates, not contrology.

Pilates is one very popular type of physio treatment available in Perth. It has many benefits for people who are experiencing back pain, incontinence, bone and joint pain, and many other types of discomfort.


Pilates benefits you in many different ways due to its emphasis on control. Oftentimes, musculoskeletal problems are the result of an imbalance in your body. If your hip flexors are very tight, it can change your posture. Such a change in posture can place undue stress on your lower back, creating low back pain. In that respect, many treatments would focus on reducing the pain in the lower back and treating the lower back; however, what you really need is to gain better control over your hip flexors.

Pilates focuses on balance and control, which allows you to treat many different problems. Oftentimes, you can treat problems without even knowing the source. Since so many problems are caused by imbalance and a lack of control over your muscles, gaining a general level of control will solve many issues. The lack of control is evident in more than just lower back pain.

You can see the results of a lack of control in those who suffer from incontinence. There are several muscles in the pelvic floor and the abdomen that help control urine flow. If those muscles are not developed, you will not have great control over the flow. As you move through the various positions and exercises in Pilates, you will be strengthening muscles in your abdomen, lower back, pelvic floor, and elsewhere. Such an increase in strength gives you better control. The increase in control allows you to live a happier and longer life.

If you need physio, you should seriously consider Pilates, for it is a great exercise resource.


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