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The Importance of Gait Analysis

The methodology and equipment that is used for gait analysis in recent years has progressed substantially. This is why as soon as you feel like there is something wrong, the next step is to visit a sports podiatrists Sydney and seek for help.

People who have suffered an injury that has affected their ability to walk or run can be diagnosed more accurately by using the correct tools to restore normal gait. Once you get your diagnosis, there will be a treatment plan for gait problems that will be created by your clinician. It is specifically designed to focus on the goal of returning you to your highest level of functioning in the shortest period.

Have hope

Many of us still remember the days where observation was the biggest clue in finding the right diagnose for you, but today podiatrists use the right tools that will accurately tell you what the problem is. Victims who had an accident, or injured athletes, together with those who have musculoskeletal and central nervous system disease, can now rest assured that there is a high chance for their recovery.

With today’s technology, you are on a great path to recovery

On the other hand, if you are a physical therapist and you work with people who suffered from injuries, like athletes or others who had limb injuries, people were diagnosed with multiple sclerosis or the ones who are battling other disease that affects the movement of the muscle and the control, it feels more rewarding to help than before.

Clinical gait analysis

This term is known as the process in which the information will be gathered to help your doctor understand the full cause of the gait abnormalities as he/she starts creating a treatment plan that is best suited the patient’s individual mobility and limitation goals.

There are different methods and technology that are used for gait analysis:

  • Motion and muscle assessment
  • Electrodes that are placed on your skin to monitor the activity
  • Comprehensive physical examination
  • Computer-interfaced video cameras that will be used to measure motion
  • Force platforms utilized to be able to measure torque and force of the patient to the ground
  • Antigravity treadmill

Today, physical therapist will be using the advanced gait analysis to treat deficiencies in their patient’s limbs and/or other areas in their body. When you walk on the specially designed treadmill that is equipped on high-speed cameras your doctor will be able to capture the way you walk or run. This provides data which helps physicians to determine the best next step for every individual person.

The treadmill diagnosis has proven most efficient

When the physical therapist gets an instant gait analysis feedback, they will be able to quickly create the treatment program that will help you restore limb function, with a goal to make the recovery time as short as it possibly can be.

This is why it is important to get yourself checked as soon as you realize that you have a problem. If you wait for too long, what seemed like a small issue might turn bad quite fast, and sometimes irreversible, which means that you will be stuck with this injury for your life.

Final word

The treadmill gait analysis is one of the important and commonly used way to treat patients, which is why you should have hope for full recovery. All you have to do is find the right doctor and get help as soon as you realize that there is a problem; which is why you should call foot doctors Bondi Sydney for help.

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