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What Different Types of Teeth Whitening Systems?

Nearly every kind of teeth whitening system consists of making use of a type of peroxide, commonly hydrogen peroxide. This is an efficient ingredient to whiten people’s teeth, and is perfectly safe and doesn’t do any kind of harm to a tooth’s enamel. There are two methods for getting your teeth whitened, and they include the more professional one carried out by a dental expert, or those you can do at home.

There are a number of different home whitening kits available, however, for anyone who is seeking professional tooth whitening in Nottingham, make sure to go to a reputable dentist who is reliable and one that you can trust.

Big Difference betweenthe Methods

One major differential in the methods of teeth whitening for use at home or at a dentist’s is the amount of peroxide. Treatments provided by a dentist will have a higher percentage of peroxide, and can remain on someone’s teeth for one to two hours per session. Methods of teeth whitening to be usedin a home setting will have a lower amount of peroxide, and is usually only left on teeth for around 30 minutes per session.

It is often the case that it will only take one visit and treatment from a dentist to whiten teeth to their wished for effect, but nearly all home whitening kits take much longer.

Home Usage

Teeth whitening which has been designed for home use is designed to be simple and easily convenient and normally developed to be used daily for a week or two, and once or twice a day. Home use designs of teeth whitening kits utilise sticky strips or tooth trays to make sure that the whitening gel stays on the teeth.

For example, the strips already have the whitening gel on them, and are then easily placed onto the user’s teeth for about 30 minutes inone session. The strips will usually dissolve or require removal.

Keeping Them Clean

Whitening trays require being filled with the whitening gel, and then placed over the user’s teeth. Other types of teeth whitening systems make use of a gel that has to be painted on to teeth, just like when using toothpaste. This method is somewhat less efficient than the ones mentioned above because of the whitening not being kept soundly on the teeth.

And lastly, some other methods of teeth whitening systems put together a combination of whitening mouthwash and a whitening toothpaste. And even though mouthwashes and toothpaste might not be able to get your teeth as white as other whitening treatments, they are effective at removing some stains.

Every sort of tooth whitening treatment may cause slight tooth sensitivity and anyone who has recently whitened their teeth should stay away from drinking liquids which can stain their teeth, like coffee, red wineand tea. They should also try drinking such liquids via the use of a straw if possible.

Don’t forget to brush your teeth twice a day.

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