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What Should I Know About Hair Straightening?

Many women after they get their hair straightened prefer to keep it that way for as long as they possibly can, so things such as hair bands, caps and hats are certainly to be avoided for a few days after Brazilian or Japanese straightening. You may wish to go for a periodic straightening touch up which for certain hair types is a good idea as the effects of straightening may have tended to wear off and hair returns to its normal wavy state.

As most of the women out there are already aware, one of the easiest and fastest ways to keeping hair straightened is with the use of a straightening iron, although in most cases, an iron usually only provides short-term results. Normally, this kind of straightening will only last until the time comes to getting hair washed again.

Sprays, Serums and Good Care advice:

  • Hair spray can be used to hold hair in place after hair straightening.
  • Shine serum can is also a good idea and should be applied to hair that easily becomes frizzy
  • Try to stop your hair from getting wet
  • If using a flat iron and you must shower afterwards, at least wear a shower cap.
  • In all cases regarding long lasting straightening, a professional hairdresser is the best place to go for all such treatments.
  • This type of hair straightening will in most cases last for a couple of months.
  • A day or two after you receive straightening treatments of this type, you should be especially careful with your hair, otherwise the straightening effect will not last.
  • Any type of bends or kinks during this period should be immediately straightened out with a hot iron and the hair should not be allowed to get wet.

Special Treatment

Around a couple of days to a week after receiving hair treatment using keratin straightening in Perth, you can start to resume your normal hair care routines. Special shampoos and conditioners are available that contain no sulphate or sodium, and are the ones that should be applied. Also, a number of people might select to wash their hair less often, which makes the treatment last longer. The hair will naturally start to return to its normal texture a few months after straightening, whereas a touch will then be all that is required.

Japanese hair straightening is frequently known as “Japanese thermal reconditioning” and is a technique which uses chemicals and a flat iron similar to the Brazilian hair straightening. Hair bands, clips, and water are once again to be definitely avoided for a few days after the procedure has taken place.

Making it Last and What to Expect

The end result of thermal reconditioning are of course considered to be permanent, but any new hair growth, however, will naturally be of the same type of texture before the treatment.

When it comes to straightening, let professionals do the job the way they know best –  professionally!

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