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Alcohol Therapy Treatment Is Available Online

People with alcohol abuse issues can now make strides toward a healthier lifestyle by signing up for therapy treatment online. When the therapy is offered in the virtual venue, clients participate in programs based on cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT). CBT, a psychotherapeutic approach to the treatment of addition, assists patients in identifying their addiction triggers and helps them transform dysfunctional behaviours, methods, and emotions to overcome them.

CBT Is Based on Individual Thought Patterns

CBT is based on the recognition that individual thoughts lead to feelings and behaviours, rather than external events, such as people, and situations. This means that external stimuli do not cause a person’s behaviour or mood, rather, a person’s perception or interpretation of an event leads them to making certain subconscious decisions in how they behave or act.

Therefore, online CBT programmes for alcohol therapy treatment provide clients with the needed insight to change their thoughts, enabling them to think and behave more positively and healthily.

An Innovative Therapeutic Approach

An online alcohol therapy treatment programme that highlights the use of CBT provides clients with an alcohol addiction issue with all the knowledge and tools they need to move forward with therapy. Online therapy of this type is delivered by highly qualified psychologists, each with a specific expertise in addiction and recovery.

When online therapy is used, a client can enjoy the advantage of therapy in the privacy and comfort of their home. Travel is not necessary as you only need to use a laptop, PC, tablet, or mobile phone. Each therapy session is completely secure and confidential.

This goal-oriented, short-term psychotherapy treatment offers a practical and hands-on approach to problem-solving. The eventual goal is to change certain patterns of thinking so a person also changes the way they feel and act. Not only is CBT used for addiction treatment, it is also recommended for relationship problems, anxiety, depression, and sleeping difficulties.

A Combination of Behavioural Therapy and Psychotherapy

One important benefit of CBT is its duration. Therapy normally takes 5 to 10 months for emotional issues. During that time, patients are introduced to new principles – guidelines they can follow the rest of their lives, and use to change their way of thinking. In terms of use, CBT is considered a combination of behavioural therapy and psychotherapy, so both patterns of thinking and the resulting behaviours are addressed simultaneously.

The negative thoughts we produce come from the meaning we give events. If our thoughts are too negative then, our behaviours will not support the idea of healthy living. So, CBT must address both behaviour and thinking at the same time.

The inventor of CBT, Aaron Beck, suggested that negative thinking patterns are established in childhood and therefore become instant and relatively fixed. Therefore, CBT helps patients step outside their automatic thoughts and review and test them. As a result, CBT aids immensely in helping people see certain misinterpretations and how to correct them. By correcting the thinking, any person with a current addiction problem can change both their perceptions and responses.

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