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Female Hair Loss – Modern Non-Invasive Treatment Solutions

If you are a woman and you are suffering from hair loss, you are certainly not alone, and like the many thousands of other female sufferers in the UK, this would occupy a great deal of your mental energy. This added stress will only make matters worse, and fortunately, there are innovative treatments available today, and for those who have noticed more hair than usual after a brushing session, here is some useful information about the latest treatments for all types of hair loss.

Established Hair Loss Clinics

The fact that there are hair loss clinics in every major UK city is a reflection of just how many women are plagued by the condition, and after a few years of intensive research, a new method to treat hair loss has been developed, and the results are amazing. Any established hair loss clinic would have a strong online presence and an online search will land you on a suitable website, where you can learn more about the use of human hair extensions to treat hair loss. If, for example, a woman in the West Country required treatment, there is always Hair Solved in Bristol who can make the necessary arrangement for the transformation to take place.

Range of Causes

Before any treatment can be recommended, the underlying cause needs to be identified, and whether the hair loss is permanent or temporary, hair extensions can effectively cover up any hair loss, even total baldness, which chemotherapy patients will suffer for a short time. Some women suffer hair loss that is present in their genes, and this type of hair loss is commonly known as alopecia. If a woman’s parents suffer from alopecia, the chances are greater that she will also experience premature hair loss.

Mesh Attachment

The new treatment involves attaching a fine mesh to the scalp, and if the hair loss area is small, the mesh will also be woven into the existing hair, then carefully selected human hair extensions are woven in, leaving the patient will a full head of healthy looking hair. This system works perfectly well in the case of total baldness, which might be the result of intensive chemotherapy, and until the normal hair grows back, human hair extensions are the ideal solution. The mesh is firmly attached to the scalp with special surgical tape, and once in place, it will not inhibit the natural hair regrowth, and from there, the human hair extensions are gradually woven into the mesh, leaving you with a full head of hair that will not move under any circumstances.

This revolutionary new treatment is growing more and more popular, as more women are aware of its existence, and with clinics in most major cities in the UK, the answer to hair loss is never far away. Whatever the cause, a reputable hair restoration clinic can provide an effective solution, and it won’t cost a fortune.

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