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Sexual Health Issues Women Experience

In today’s current times, women are more open to admitting they have experienced a sexual health issue. Sexual health issues of women are defined as an inability to become aroused by their partners, pain during sexual activity, dryness experienced in their vaginal area or unbelievably an abnormal increase in desire for sexual activity.

Sexual health issues experienced by women do affect their romantic relationships. These health issues also affect their self-esteem and mental health. Stress can be a mitigating factor with women’s decreased desire for sexual activity and don’t forget sleep patterns which can create fatigue, therefore, the domino effect of lack of sleep is being too tired for sex even if the woman desires sex.

The internet is a great resource for women who are suffering from sexual health issues. Some women might even look to their significant other for help while other women seek help from their family doctor.

It is very important for women to arm themselves with knowledge on sexual health issues. Many female sexual health issues can be treated through education on the sexual health issue as well as instituting lifestyle changes. Women should be encouraged to speak to their sexual partners as well as their family doctors or any medical professional on any sexual health issues they might be experiencing.

Medical professionals contain numerous resources within our current times as compared to the past in relation to women’s sexual health issues. It is critical for women to gain the knowledge of basic sexual responses as well as other emotional factors which might impact their sexuality.

When a woman is not interested in sexual activity, yet they would like to be interested the relationship which they are currently in or their marriage might be a contributing factor. Other factors could be their experiences or how their parents raised them but keep in mind there could also be a medical reason for the lack of desire for sex.

Some women experience a reduced blood flow. If a woman has high blood pressure or Diabetes, these conditions can restrict blood flow and, therefore, leads to sexual health issues.

Some women will experience issues with their hormones. If a woman is on birth control pills or suffering from thyroid problems or menopause these conditions can lead to a decreased desire for sex. Pregnant women who are breastfeeding also experience a decreased desire for sexual activity.

If you are on medications, you might be suffering from a sexual health issue due to the side effects of the medication which you are currently taking. Anti-depressants are frequently blamed for lowering the sex drives of not only women but men. Wellbutrin is an anti-depressant which does not take away the sex drive of women and is worth mentioning to your family doctor.

If you have been exposed to pelvic surgery, this can cause nerve damage along with Parkinson’s disease and Multiple Sclerosis. The nerve damage associated with these conditions can lead to a lack of desire for sex.

You should talk to your doctor or therapist right away if you are experiencing the lack of desire for sexual activity. Consultations with sex therapists can prove helpful not only with yourself but your relationship. Typically, there are always one or more factors involved with a woman’s decreased sex drive. If you feel a lack of desire for sex, you can also seek the help from a sexual medicine specialist.

There are many treatments available. If you are currently on prescribed medications, you should talk to your family doctor about prescribing a medication which increases your dopamine levels which increase the blood flow in your body to your vulva and clitoris. Most women report success with these types of treatments and don’t forget to exercise and seek to counsel if your relationship warrants such treatment.

If you are suffering from female sexual health issues, you are not alone. Your relationship no longer has to suffer because of these issues. We offer natural remedies which can aid you in this process. Let us show you how.

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