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inguinal hernia

Symptoms and Causes of Inguinal Hernia

An inguinal hernia is characterised as a condition in which tissue, such as a portion of the intestine, protrudes through a weak point in the abdominal muscles of the body, and the resulting bulge may be rather large and exceptionally painful. Such pain may increase if you cough or choose to bend over or lift any type of heavy object, although it is unlikely you will want to do any of those actions once you experience the hernia. This is not necessarily dangerous to your health, but it will not improve on its own if you leave it alone and may quickly lead to any number of potentially life-threatening conditions if you do not act quickly to correct the issue before such a situation occurs.

Bulging Tissue

One of the most common and easily recognisable signs you need an inguinal hernia operation is the bulging out of your skin in the area on either side of your pubic bone, which will become more easily noticed when you are standing upright. This will additionally become easier to spot if you cough or strain because the bulge will grow large in such cases as muscles contract and work, which is certainly not a pleasant experience any more than it is to witness it happening to a person. You need immediate medical attention once you notice this bulging, even if you do not actually feel any pain associated with the problem, for you do not want to experience any further complications as a result of the hernia.

Burning or Aching

You may feel a burning or aching pain at the location of the bulge, a sure sign your muscles and tissues are in distress and in need of gentle, surgical correction with the helpful hand of a trained professional. Not only will you find it fast and simple for you to receive this type of surgery, but it is also a fairly common one which nearly every surgeon in the country will have performed at least once. In short, you need not worry about any complications except in the most extreme of cases since this is a fairly straightforward reparative procedure.

Heavy or Dragging Sensation

It may be that you experience a heavy feeling in your groin or the sensation that your tissues are being dragged in any one direction, and this is likely due to the displacement of your tissues and the bulge in the pubic area. You must quickly receive surgical intervention if this is the case, or else you may find mobility dramatically reduced and any movement you do make followed by great discomfort and pain. A professional will know how to quickly discover the source of the problem and then help you get the help you need to avoid the many potentially dangerous conditions which result from the hernia.

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