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The choice of religion for your little one

In modern times parents are likely to come across from a different set of religious backgrounds. It would mean a set of belief systems that has come into operation as of now. Here the world is multi-cultural and the system is that more and more parents are find love which does leave choosing religion for your child a major headache.

Would it be really confusing for kids to have parents who belong to diverse backgrounds?

To a certain extend it could be. The confusion is likely to creep in if both the parents tend to be different. When parents do belong to different religious background their upbringing along with the social quotient is prone to change in a big way. Here you will spot the difference in the manner they communicate along with the parenting styles. The moment’s parents are in competition over their beliefs then the confusion starts to take over.

You need to be aware that parents are social beings. They by the method of modelling, teaching kid how to navigate in the manner by which the world operates. As far as a set of religious beliefs evolve it does give the kids a sense of peace and security. If you undertake it in a proper manner parents can go on to install the religious beliefs in kids from a young age. The kids are going to be confused when one of the parents stress on their religion itself. It is always my way philosophy that will come to the core. Whatever love they are going to shower is based on a given set of conditions. At this point of time you will find that the confusion really takes over.

This problem tends to compound all the more if both the parents stresses on the importance of their religion. Then forget choosing your child‘s religion as it could lead to drastic impact. If the conflicts of religion tends to emerge it would be prevent the kids from approaching the world with a new sense of confidence.

What is the method by which parents should keep their values and beliefs intact and at the same time avoid any major conflicts on the religion front?

When both the parents are in love with each other you are not going to face any conflict as far as religion is concerned. In another angle if you explore there should not be any major conflict when the kids enter the picture as well. but if you observe things closely you will find that conflict does occur first and then the religion goes on to take over.

As per the mind set of people by religion it would mean not only religious beliefs but inter changeable ideas as well.  You need to follow the golden rule which is never to go on and argue when it is the case of a religion. At the same time there has to be a way where parents could pass on their beliefs to kids without offending their kids.

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