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Women Sexual Health Problem – Reason and Cure

Women sexual health, considered a social taboo for long, is now openly discussed not just among medical experts but also among people in general and in mainstream media. This has given appreciable shift to the way the problem was looked at, understood and cure discovered. Lack of sexual desire or low libido is the main sexual health problem with women. To some this lack of desire goes off after creating a temporary hiccup between the sheets, but to others it persists permanently. Arousal difficulty, inability to experience orgasm, anxiety about sexual performance, failure to derive pleasure from sex and pain during the intercourse is other problems potentially affecting women’s sexual health.

Effective cure of any problem lies on the bedrock of valid reasons. So, before we rush to seek cure, it would be unjustified on our part not giving you a clue to the reasons on which the sound cure is always based. A balancing act of hormonal secretion in the body is required to keep sexual health on the track. Hormonal issues are important in women sexual health problem. Hormone imbalances, like lower secretion of estrogen and testosterone can reduce the sexual desire to a very low level. Blood flow in genital areas and sex organs are as important in maintaining libido. Complications like high blood pressure and diabetes need medical treatment for they effectively restrict blood flow in genital areas. Mind also plays key role in sexual health. A healthy mind on a healthy body increases sexual performance to a remarkable degree, whereas mind fraught with stress, anxiety, depression can crumble the sexual desire. Besides these important reasons, medication side-effects, nerve damage, sexual infection, neurological disorder, relationship problems are other important reasons why women confront with sexual health problem.

Herbs can work wonder in bringing the weak and deteriorating libido on track. They are the tested and result proven medicine for the libido upliftment.

Damiana is a herb proven to have magical effect on stress, anxiety, depression. It helps body relax. At the same time it also stream lines hormone imbalances.

Choraka (Dong Quai) increases estrogen level. Its lower secretion is one of the main reasons of libido fragility. At the same time it also helps maintain blood sugar level in the body, improve blood circulation and keep the sex organs healthy.

Satavri extract (Asparargus Recemosus) acts on muscles, tissues and organs. Pain in sexual intercourse can be removed with this for the herb moistens dry tissues of female sexual organs. This herb also plays a role in maintaining the secretion of testosterone, without which sexual desire declines.

Ashwagandha “Indian Ginseng” promotes overall sexual health. Besides there are other herbs like Schisandra, Ginkgo Biloba, Kumari (Aloe), Avena Sativa, etc have proven effect on the debilitating libido. Avena Sativa is important in giving relaxation to body and mind and in increasing sensitivity in female sexual organ. Whereas Gingko counters neurological and circulatory problems. Schisandra increases blood flow to the sex organ.

Therefore it is evident from the description that for every ‘women sexual health problem’, there is a herb to take care of. Sex pills made of theses invaluable herbs, together with healthy diet and healthy interpersonal relationship can reignite the passion by working on the entire women sexual health problem.

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